In memory and honor of Mary Reiner
Mother, Wife, Colleague, Friend, and Native Health Researcher

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Who We Are
HISTORY - The Native Research Network, Inc. (NRN) was established in 1997 as an informal network and is a 501(c)3 professional organization.  The administrative home of the NRN is in Oklahoma.

MEETINGS - The Board of Directors meet on a monthly basis, Membership meetings are held at least once a year during the annual Native Research Conference. 

See the list of the 2014 Native Health Research Conference Planning Committee.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS - The 2014-2015 NRN Board of Directors is:
  • Paulette Baukol pbaukol65@gmail.com
  • Felicia Hodge Feliciash@aol.com
Incoming Co-Chairs Elect:
  • Lilian Tom-Orme Lilian.TomOrme@hsc.utah.edu
  • Leah Rouse larndt@uwm.edu
Past Co-Chairs:
  • Janelle Palacios Janellepalacios@yahoo.com
  • Priscilla Sanderson Priscilla.sanderson@nau.edu
  • Marla Pardilla mpardilla@aol.com
  • Emily Haozous ehaozous@salud.unm.edu
  • Leo Nolan leojnolan3@gmail.com
  • Jordan Lewis dr.jordan.lewis@gmail.com
  • Rydell Dale Todicheeney dtodicheeney@gmail.com

FUNDING - NRN operates on funds through multiple sources including the Office of Minority Health Department of Health and Human Services, through funds received from services provided and through membership dues.

SAMPLE ACTIVITIES - Planned/Coordinated the annual Native Research Conference since 2005 with the Indian Health Service.  Presented a Continuing Education Institute, "Conducting Research in Native Communities" at the APHA Annual Meeting.  Authored and edited a book on "Conducting Research in Native Communities" soon to be published by the American Journal of Public Health books division.  Conducted a literature review and submitted a report to the Indian Health Service on research on Traditional Indian Medicine.

VISION STATEMENT - A leadership community of American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Canadian Aboriginal person promoting integrity and excellence in research.

MISSION - To provide a pro-active network of American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Canadian Aboriginal persons to promote and advocate for high quality research that is collaborative, supportive and builds capacity and to promote an environment for research that operates on the principles of integrity, respect, trust, ethics, cooperation and open communication in multi-disciplinary fields.

OUR LOGO - The Native Research Network, Inc. logo is a stylized drawing of the hawk.  The hawk circles his environment, continuously studying and observing.  Like  the hawk, NRN is a vehicle for studying the research environment.  The circular pattern of the wings symbolizes the guidance, mentorship and nurturing the network offers its members and constituents.