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Member Categories



Full Membership

NRN Full Membership is open to any American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian/First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples of US/Canada, who are interested or involved in Native populations’ health, research, science, and/or networking. Full members may vote and hold a Board position.



Student/Intern (enrolled in a degree program)                             $35

Fellow/Post-doc                                                                                   $50

Retired Elder (65+ years)                                                                    $5 

Community Member (i.e. CHR, CHW, CHE, CHB, IRB)                    $5

Professional                                                                                          $60

Lifetime Voting Member (voting, remains in good standing        $1,000


Non-Voting Membership



Treasured Friend                                                                                $60

  • Any non-Indigenous person involved in health research with American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian/ First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples of Canada, indigenous to the US/Canada.

  • Treasured Friends are required to be sponsored by a Full Member in good standing, AND submit a letter of support from a representative of an American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian/Aboriginal community in which they have worked.


Lifetime Non-Voting Member                                                       $1,000

  • Any non-voting member who remains in good standing.


Corporate Member (yearly, minimum)                                         $500

  • Small or medium sized businesses, large corporations, civic groups, professional organizations, societies, and local community groups, and/or Tribal Nations and indigenous-serving agencies.