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Elections Information

In 2022 the Native  Research Network has the following board positions available: 2 - Co-Chair positions, 2 - Co-Chair Elect positions, 1 - Member-at-Large position,  and 1 - Member-at-Large Student Representative position.


The term of office for the Co-chair position is three (3) years: one (1) year is spent as Co-Chair Elect, one (1) year as Co-Chair, and one (1) year as Past Co-Chair.

The term of office for the Treasurer position is two (2) years. 

The term of office for the Secretary position is two (2) years. 

The term of office for the Member - at - Large position is two (2) years. 

All BODs chair a committee. Only voting members in good standing* may nominate or be nominated as a candidate for an elected office in accordance with NRN By-Laws. Any member who is in good standing and qualifies may self-nominate or be nominated by filling out and submitting the elections application form.

Election forms can be submitted to or by snail mail to:

NRN Elections Committee Chair, P.O. Box 982821, Park City, Utah 84098. 

However, it needs to reach us by October 4, 2022 to count.


Dates to remember:

  • Nomination Submission  Dates to be announced

  • Candidates Announced TBD

  • Electronic Voting TBD

  • NRN Board Members Announced TBD in virtual Annual Business Meeting

*To be in good standing, nominator and nominee must be a current NRN member with paid annual due(s). Need to pay our annual membership? Click here